Job Seekers

Looking For The Right Job? Look No Further. (1whjobs) is a unique executive recruitment portal where executives in hospitality will be able to submit their resume with “generic description (GD)” without revealing who you are, your job experience, your qualifications, special skills and your present location.

In order to access this site and search for positions available, it is required that you register and obtain an account username and password. You are to submit your GD details by signing up a Job seeker account. You can only successfully register if you submit your generic description together with your “complete and truthful resume (CT) with full description of yourself, academic qualifications and work experience.

1whjobs does not provide any warranty on the accuracies of your personal details and qualifications and by submitting your resumes, you have authorized 1whjobs the right to make reference checks with the “referees” you have provided in your CT. Click here for sample of CT.

Only your GD resume will be posted on the candidates available data bank for prospective employers searching for that ideal executive. You will be notified by 1whjobs should your GD fits the requirement of the prospective employer/s. You will also have the right to turn down the request for more details should you decide that the prospective employer’s details are familiar to you and you do not wish to be considered.

Your CT will be kept at 1whjobs data bank and will only be used by its management to verify details. We are a portal with a difference as we charge a fee to the employer/s for our services which is equivalent to one month of your annual gross income.