Employers – Why 1whjobs?

Care Hospitality (1whjobs) provides employers with the most efficient and cost effective medium of recruiting hospitality executives. It has a wide geographical reach and the system is sophisticated and yet convenient and user friendly.

We aim to match the Employer’s specific requirements with the capabilities and qualities of the candidates or job-seekers and this is always done with the confidentiality of both the Employer and the Employee maintained. 1whjobs always act upon your best interests.

How we operate

Employers sign in or Register(new user) and at the same time post a Job Description (JD) – click here for sample of Employer JD. In submitting the JD, Employers are not allowed to include the real identity of the organization nor provide contact details. A small admin fee of USD$98.00 per position is levied and Employers are entitled to post their JDs in our system for a period of 60 days.

Upon signing in as an Employer, you will enter into a Job Placement agreement with 1whjobs. Payment to 1whjobs will be upon successful recruitment of the candidate and the fee is equivalent to one (1) month’s gross salary.

We review the JDs submitted and establish an accurate profile of each position before matching it with our system to do a computer search from our extensive database of hospitality professionals.

Where necessary, the JDs may be posted on 1whjobs website for a period of up to 60 days, and this is useful and effective too as our website is informative and interesting and it attracts many hospitality executives worldwide.

1whjobs will review all the potential candidates and this is done through a combination of  computer search, direct recruitment from our Associates, online advertisements, and it may sometimes involve informal interviews through phones, skypes and in person meetings. Candidates will be shortlisted and submitted to the Employer together with the full factual resumes (CT) and other supporting documents. Reference checks and confirmation on the credibility of the information contained in the CT will be made at this stage but 1whjobs cannot guarantee its accuracy, and prospective employers will have to make their own final reference checks.

Selected candidate(s) will be scheduled for interviews with the Employer and 1whjobs will coordinate this process including travel arrangements if and where required. We may also assist with the verbal as well as official offers of employment for the successful candidate. Service is our motto as we are in for a long term relationship with the Employer.